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  1. Well, Bitcoin has stabilized at almost exactly $14/coin. I'm tired of waiting for a jump, so I'm taking the loss and getting my cash back
  2. Roses are red wololo Roses are blue #ageOfEmpires
  3. Framework Zealots: wEb CoMpOnEnTs ArE uSeLeSs AnD dUmB VMware: ships web components Salesforce: ships web components GitHub: ships web components
  4. I follow this account for absurd lols, not to be shook BuckyIsotope/1031329186466525184
  5. Microsoft and Chrome are working together to make forms better. Better UX and design, better components (better selects, amirite?), new elements like toggle switches. Shout out to stubbornella and gregwhitworth for publicly leading these charges! #jamstackconf
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their APIoh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  6. Whaaaat the fuuuck. I am furious. shanselman/1026223602184544256
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  7. Performance and optimization matters at global scale (w/biilmann). Half of the world is on the web, and more than half of that is on mobile devices. #jamstackconf jamstackconf
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  8. This list is incredible! Does your company or a company you know use Web Components? Add it here! (Huge shout out to slightlylate for converting to SVG and various other cleanups!)
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  9. It's ethically indefensible to work for Facebook or use Facebook services.
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    @TitusMutchler OldTakesExposed Advil Never. I don't suffer from FOMO. I used to have a wallet with maybe 1.5BTC I got from various drip faucets back in the day on a hard drive somewhere, and I've thought about trying to find it, but I'm 95% sure the disk was wiped, so it's just not worth my time.
  11. Work on side project with Web Components, Vanilla JS, Raw CSS: "Ah I really do love being a front end developer." Work on framework app: "Ideally, I'd never see a website again in my entire life."
  12. If anyone tells you Web Components aren't useful and/or aren't ready for production, they're *LYING* to you, either from ignorance or for some other reason. In either case, take anything they say with a huge grain of salt.
  13. Type your name, email, address, and zip to add your voice. It takes basically no time. Save #NetNeutrality demandprogress/623879435133947905
  14. My lit-html Rollup plugin is now fully released and version 1! Check it out if you like separate HTML and JS, but you also want that sweet, superfast lit-html rendering.
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  15. Just remember, if you need a 7 year old tweet by a 20 year old to justify your speculative gambling habit, you might be beyond the pale.
  16. All these people who followed me because of that ancient buttcoin post are really gonna be mad when they find out my feed is nothing but JavaScript and shitposts.
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    CursedArchitect matthill57 Somebody was trying something new in their new playthrough of The Sims.
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    chrissyteigen You're teaching your children how to properly eat bone-in chicken wings and if that isn't making the world safer for your children I don't know what is.
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    robfromonline Bonkers that they would be cognizant of the threat but not willing to preemptively remediate it.
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    OldTakesExposed Advil This is fair.
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    NYTMinusContext If the legal avenues don't work for getting that veteran's dog back, I'd like to pay $500 toward the bill. Let me know how / when in DMs.